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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2018

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2018403.38 KB
Invitation to Shareholders to propose the 2018 Annual General Shareholders? Meeting agenda and nominated director in advance23.21 KB
Criteria for Minority Shareholders to propose the 2018AGM Agenda39.23 KB
Form A - Agenda Proposal to the 2018 AGM Form25.96 KB
Criteria and Procedures for Directors Nomination 201845.5 KB
Form of Nominated Director34.86 KB
invitation letter 201888.68 KB
2 directors profile558.98 KB
3 Articles of association 35.01 KB
4 Meeting rules42.72 KB
5 Annual report requisition66.28 KB
ุ6.1 Proxy A attached24.61 KB
6.2 Proxy B attached36.46 KB
6.3 Proxy C attached39.92 KB
7 Information of Independent directors 22.52 KB
8 BLCP site visit attached102.84 KB
9 Venue Map326.46 KB